Friday, April 11, 2014

Finally...Homemade Peanut Butter!

I have a lifelong love affair with peanut butter. 
I could eat it out of the jar with a spoon (seriously, my recent witnesses were my I happened to find an almost-empty-but-not-quite jar of peanut butter at my parent's house about a week ago).
I can eat it with bread, cream crackers, banana on toast....
I love Reese's peanut butter cups...

By themselves, peanuts are pretty innocent— it’s the process of turning them into butter that crosses into dangerfood territory. To make peanut butter, the nuts are roasted, cooled, shelled, and ground. When other ingredients like salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil, dextrose, corn syrup and honey are added, the trouble starts. They may make the peanut butter smoother and lengthen its shelf life— but at what cost?

So macamana ni.  Apa itu trans fat tu?

Trans fat is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil through a process called hydrogenation, which makes the oil less likely to spoil. Using trans fats in the manufacturing of foods helps foods stay fresh longer, have a longer shelf life and have a less greasy feel.
Scientists aren't sure exactly why, but the addition of hydrogen to oil increases your cholesterol more than do other types of fats. It's thought that adding hydrogen to oil makes the oil more difficult to digest, and your body recognizes trans fats as saturated fats. 

(expect a lot of food jars to have trans fat...tapi nak elak 100% pun payah jugak kan)

Jadi apa kata kita cuba elak yang mana boleh dielak..?  Like, maybe a peanut butter lover like me should try make her own peanut butter?

Smooth & creamy, just the way I like it...

I got the recipe from Desserts With Benefits but I did also look at one from Gimme Some Oven.
But basically the ingredients are roasted peanuts, a very teeny pinch of salt & stevia.  And some coconut oil, if you have some (kat Farmasi Cosway ada :P)
Very important note to self:  Next time please buy peeled peanuts.  Itulah bab yang tedious dalam kerja pembuatan mentega kacang ni.
Gigih betul Amilita kupas kacang (after they were roasted).
And because I don't have that fancy food processor thingy, I grind the roasted peanuts first...
...lepas grind kita pindahkan pula ke dalam my trusted Tefal blender (it's main task is to produce my daily Glowing Green Smoothie). *untung laaa sesiapa yang ada food processor besar tu*
The texture changes as you blitz along.  You may need to scoop the sides from time to time. (what la is wrong with my camera ni...)
Looking more and more like the peanut butter that we buy right...?  (maaf fokus kamera macam semacam)
Coffee and a slice of bread *sayangnya kali ni bukan roti homemade*, anyone..? 

Banyaknya sapu peanut butter kat roti tu ya.  But...isn't it meant to be that way?  Kalau sapu sikit-sikit nipis-nipis macam err tak kena je. :P 

Next task...homemade almond milk?
*nak buat ni sejak setahun yang lepas...tapi belum buat-buat lagi*

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Using The Right method In The Kitchen...

method blog entry no 4! :)

My apologies for the not-so-good photos this time, it has been raining quite frequently *alhamdulillah* so less natural lighting for photo taking...

"There are billions of cooks in this kitchen"....and I'm probably not one of them.
Tak lah.  I do cook.  Just not every single day.  But most parts of the week, I do.  Simple dishes for the family to eat.  As long as they say my cooking tastes good, as long as my family merasa jugak lah I masak, as long as there's nearly zero waste after every meal....that's good enough for me.

 "Sooner or later, everybody's gotta eat.  Which is why the kitchen, more than any other room, is the heart of the home.  You could argue that the kitchen is the new living room - it's even OK to have a couch there now."
Source: squeaky green Book by Eric Ryan & Adam Lowry, the founders of method

*actually my mom's 'dry kitchen' does have 2 couches in it...and a TV...*

Yes the book said it right.  The kitchen is the most popular room.  I noticed that since I became a SAHM nearly 4 years ago (although at times I do miss being a WAHM...urm well maybe not so much :P), the kitchen is the place that I spend most of my time in.
Not that I'm always cooking or baking away like Nigella or Martha, though.

My 'workstation' during busy times...

I did warn you to expect a 13-year old kitchen in my previous blog entry, right?  Hehe.
(tapi white modern kitchens with subway tiles memang idaman saya)

"Because it's the most popular room, the kitchen is ground zero for a healthy home.  Yet the way we use it is full of contradictions.  While we store, prepare, and eat food here (when we're not eating on the couch), we also store, heat, and re-heat food in some of the scariest chemicals around.  We're conscious about buying organic to keep pesticides out of our bodies, yet we're spraying pesticides (in the form of certain cleaning agents) all over the kitchen.  And we freak out about dropping food on the floor (unless you're a proponent of the five-second rule), but we clean that very floor with chemicals that kill things."

Ouch.  Dirty little secret indeed!
The squeaky green book says that the kitchen actually has issues....and it needs therapy.

Let's start with therapy for the 'piling work at my workstation'.

Oh my, what an OCD's nightmare.  And the one typing this away has OCD traits...argh urgh cepat basuh semua...

That other brand of dishwasher liquid has a very strong green tea fragrance.  I didn't really care before but a few weeks ago I noticed the strong scent lingered on my KeepCup.  Trying to enjoy pure coffee with a fake green tea scent is...mighty confusing.

Now this, is something else:

method Dish pump of this will get you pumped to wash dishes I tell you.  Packaging pun sleek & sexy & makes me feel like Bree Van DeKamp, again...

Concentrated.  Biodegradable.  Less is more!  Tak perlu picit banyak-banyak.
Squirt it directly on dirty pots, pans, plates.  Or on the sponge.  Or in the sink.
(I've tried all...but because for as long as I can remember I've been squirting dishwashing liquid in a small container of water, that's what I did with the method Dish Soap, too)

It's okay to pretend that you're on a mini vacation at a water chalet somewhere while washing the dishes in the mini kitchen while your kids are either snorkeling with their father or collecting sea shells on the beach...the scent of sea minerals does that to me, too...

Maaf, fokus gambar tersasar sedikit..objek yang nak ditonjolkan (span & bekas) tak terang pulak.

One and a half pumps and the following were nicely cleaned with a fresh scent during the process too.  I cannot exactly describe the scent of sea's actually bergamot, lemon & rosemary with a crisp marine notes...memang terapi jugaklah walaupun tengah basuh pinggan.

And the funny thing is, while we could enjoy the therapeutic scent during washing, it didn't linger on any of the crockery, dinnerware, silverware.  They all smelled, well, neutral.  Amazing but true :)

My KeepCup no longer has a fake fruit / healthy tea fragrance stuck to it...even Amsyar said in approval, "Owh! Bau dia...!" when he washed his plate.  (hopefully the kids won't forget washing their own plates & glasses from now on...)
Tupperwares, Dwink Box, ice cream holders, my green smoothie blender...were all cleaned well.  If they could talk, they would say "please do NOT use other dishwashing liquids other than method okaythanksbye"

Less suds doesn't mean it doesn't clean well.  Less, not zero suds.
In fact it does the job really well, cutting grease from pots, pans & plates.
Makes glasses clean & clear.
Rids the milk curdles (and the masam-ish odour) from Zuleyka's bottles easily, if any.  Specifically in the mornings when the bottle was left uncleaned after her before-bedtime-milk.
I like it much better that way because I don't have to spend too much time trying to rinse the suds & soapiness off of everything.  Apatah lagi waktu musim catuan air ni kan, where the water flow is not as strong as usual.

And as usual, I will spot dirt & grime in between the countertop tiles & of course the OCD-ish me will always feel compelled to clean that, too.

Left: Eeuwwwww!?    Right: Phewwwww.

I probably should not repeat my love for the method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner (especially the one that smells like freshly-cut cucumbers) because I've said it one too many times already in my previous posts.

(oh by the way what I did was I just sprayed the All-Purpose Cleaner on the counter top & rubbed the grime away with a scouring pad - it never fails to amaze me how a biodegradable cleaning agent with corn & coconut as it's ingredients can clean so well...okay okay cukup cerita pasal cleaner tu dah)

Aaaand as usual I spot another item that needed some 'therapy' - the kitchen sink itself.
Sebelum ketibaan method ke rumah kami, I used a mixture of bleach + water to clean the sink & the grime in the grout between the tiles.  Memang lah cepat je hilang kekotoran tu tapi cepat jugak datang balik...and the smell (or fumes..?).  Oh my.  Sorry kitchen sink (and sorry to my nose, throat & lungs too)

'Before'.  Oh sometimes I use baking soda to clean the sink, too.  Termasuk dalam kategori 'natural' jugak tak agaknya ya...?
'After'.  method Steel for Real for the sink and All-Purpose Cleaner for the borders & tiles.  I think the sink & countertop is breathing a sigh of relief when this picture was taken. 

I'm going to try cleaning other stainless steel items with Steel for Real later, but for this entry I bersihkan sinki dapur ni dulu lah.  Kasihani lah sinki dapur, pinggan mangkuk & periuk belanga semua kita cuci kat situ...and why is the sink itself not getting the same treatment?  :P

After using the apple orchard scent of Steel for Real, the sink came out shiny & ready to take on more dirty pots & pans & whatever else!  It's non-abrasive formula was as usual kind to our skin and no more blotches & streaking on my sink.  Puashati tuan punya dapur ini.

All the cleaning while it was heavily raining outside with the occasional cool breeze entering my kitchen.  Wah macam mini vacation kat tropical island je rasanya.  Walaupun sebenarnya memang kita kat kawasan tropika pun #eh

Baru lah workstation Mama bersih & kemas.  Legaaaa.
My main kitchen.  Does this type of kitchen decor even exist anymore...?  Hehe.

The usual coffee break was enjoyed after a good & successful chore completion session.
Dinner was mee rebus!  Not from scratch, because I've never had the 'interest' to try cook mee rebus from scratch.  :P

...aaand I forgot to sprinkle some bawang goreng.  Sigh.

Anyone want to try method products at a discount?  Because I have 5 discount vouchers to give out! All you need to do is to be the first 5 commenters here to mention that you'd like to try out some method products & also email me at amilita_zaini at yahoo dot com so I could email you back the voucher + T&C of usage.
*jika terlepas, takpe nanti ada lagi blog entry lepas2 ni with another 5 vouchers up for grabs*

These vouchers are valid for online purchase at WMS Marketing, where you will be amazed on how you can make your home happier & healthier by using natural cleaning solutions with biodegradable ingredients!

Alternatively, boleh juga beli di kedai-kedai terpilih :
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You may not be able to use the discount vouchers here but if you like Method Malaysia's Facebook Page HERE then you'll be updated of some good deals, promotions & discounts and such :)

Jenguk-jenguk lah ya.  So we can all clean in style, with method ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Malaysia Women Marathon 2014...Challenges And All...

It was a race that I was hesitant to sign up, surprisingly so because my first full marathon was during the same race last year....and me & the Krazirunners were more than excited for this year's edition.

But apparently the excitement didn't last long.

Due to family commitments & planning / other race commitments / injury / other matters....most of my running sistas opted not to join this time around.  Ala sangat berbeza lah dengan suasana tahun lepas yang amat seronok.

And I was thinking:
1) Nak masuk full jugak ke? Mesti lah kot, anniversary tu.
2) Nak lari dengan pacer jugak ke?  Bila nak lari sorang-sorang ni?
3) Route Shah Alam tu banyak naik turun, sanggup kah?

But I signed up anyway, one day before the early bird deadline :P
And I trained, maybe not as diligent as my first full marathon last year, tapi buat jugak lah short / tempo / fartlek / long runs...and that dreaded 30km run yang melengkapkan Syarat-syarat Training Full Marathon.
I even did a 10km run (and walked also la of course) up Kem Lolo at Nuang, a week before the race.
*okay lah maybe this is not so gempak lah :P *

But then the on & off haze became really bad during the week of the race.  And my husband had to go to Jakarta for work, again.  So no running or exercise at all for me that final week sebab macam extra letih dengan house chores & layan kerenah anak-anak.  And I actually believed that MWM2014 on 16th March 2014 would be cancelled due to the haze. *kenapa entah terasa lega pun ada hahah*

AND because I did not jenguk my favourite running shoe for like a week...I just noticed the right shoe tip had a sompek. *nasib baik cobbler boleh tampal, RM5 saja*
AND because the wind blew away the smog a day before the race, the organizer announced "yes ladies it's all systems go for tomorrow!"

This photo does not show the severity of sompek on the shoe.

Alamak.  Jadi pulak nak lari 42km esok?  I had to psyche myself up that my youngest daughter always say, "Laats dudis!!" (translation: "Let's do this!")

Psyched!  Pumped!  Excited! (especially after chatting away dengan kawan2 Krazirunners kat whatsapp).  Laats dudis!!

And so there I was driving along Federal Highway at about 3.15am Sunday morning, looking for the exit nearest to the race venue when suddenly....I noticed that the haze is back.  Complete with the smell of something burning.


Muka2 'before'.  Suzie, me & Ijam my pacer.  Suzie said she was going to run a few km & then turn back.  Ya jerebu memang teruk jugak masa ni.  (Photo credit Arman Arshad)

During my search for the porta-loo during my compulsary-toilet-visit-before-running, I saw Ina (Being Mom on The Run) and quickly we greeted each other.  First time jumpa tapi recently I began reading her blog...and boy she's one fast lady!
True enough, during the run, she inched away further and further ahead of me...until I lost sight of her completely.  (I really need to work on my walking breaks) #excuses

However, a few minutes before the full marathon category was flagged off at 4.45am, the race director made an announcement that MWM 2014 was to be a non-competitive run instead.  If we think that we couldn't take the smog, we could turn back whenever we wanted to.  There would be no winners, no ranking.  It was us to decide how far we wanted to run.

And at that point my pacer & I still had 42km in our minds.  Wahh.  #ambitiousnyaaa

Start je lari, my friend May Cheong caught up with me & said she'll be running a few km only also & turn back.  I think the last time I met her was during race pack collection MWM2013...huh setahun?  Sigh.

Going to the first km, terserempak dgn otai ultra runner Abang Zg Zakaria with his pacee, Gloria Mack (sorry ahkak tak tahu nama sebenar...).  He usik my pacer's "signature Gatorade bottle in right hand":P

See the bottle in his right hand?  Kalau tak jumpa botol Gatorade dia, he'll be a bit menggelabah. Hehe.  (Photo credit Running Malaysia Magazine)

I tumpang energy gels & my carkeys & apa entah lagi in Ijam's SPIbelt and with his stuff also, he said his belt dah macam rupa ular telan kambing.  Or was it macam telan buaya?  Penampar buaya...??  #oops

It's always important to train as often as you can with your pacer, especially if you haven't ran any races with him/her.  So boleh tahu rentak dia macamana, in running & also keselesaan di antara pacer-pacee.
(You don't want to suddenly hate your pacer, during a race, while he or she is pushing you uphill...or in my case downhill pun kena tolak jugak sebab "kata nak PB untuk KM10 nanti...??")

And no I didn't PB my 10km.  Sampai KM10 at 1:10.  And then I started feeling uncomfortable.  There was no wind, the air was obviously polluted....I felt heaty.

Around KM13, I think, I began to feel slight chest pains.  Aduh tak pernah pulak rasa macam ni masa berlari.  It was the haze lah apa lagi.  #degillaginaklari
Bumped into Ijam's friend, Misni, who steadily caught up with us (and potong us after a bit of borak-borak).  She said she pun tak larat & was hoping the route we were on would end at KM21, which it was of course since full marathon runners kena lari one more loop of the same route to complete a 42K.

Around KM15 I was already thinking to myself "Oh mannnnn I don't know if I could repeat this loop all over again!"  Tapi masa tu takut nak cakap kat Pacer.

"You guys buat full ke...?", Misni asked us.  Sebelum si pacee ni sempat cakap "errr tak sure lagi.....", si pacer pula cepat jawab, "Yes!".  #ehhh #whatthe

Eventually, I did tell Ijam....I sakit dada sikit lah / macam makin tebal jerebu / macam tak larat nak buat satu loop lagi (Oh My Excuses) so we decided to end our journey at half marathon distance.  Terus si pacee bersemangat nak pegi kat start/finish line & lari laju sikit.

Muka happy sebab yeayyy 21km pun jadi lah!!! (Photo credit Enaikay)
Belum sampai seminit cross finish line dah ada Arman menunggu dengan kamera.  So muka masing-masing erm errr capek sikit lah.  (Photo credit Nannoor)

Speaking of Nannoor, she is now 6 months pregnant but still runs regularly.  She registered for the 10km category but looking at the bad haze, she decided to join the 5km fun run instead (hari tu macam sesuka hati sukasuki je semua nak lari berapa! Hehe).  I didn't expect her to say, "Jom Kak Millie, teman i lari!".  Kak Millie yang masih adrenalin rush gitu tiba-tiba kata "Okay!"

Dah lama tak run dengan Nannoor.  I still miss the days when we ran our 10K's...which were a very big deal to us back then. (Photo credit Run & Explore)

But we cut it short to 3km instead sebab my calf macam ada 'tangkap' sikit & the haze was really quite bad.  Kesian si ibu mengandung.

Very very nice shot of the preggy runner :) .  Nasib baik non-competitve run.  Kalau tak mesti disqualified sebab bib full marathon tapi lari half marathon & lepas finish line lari fun run pulak...(Photo credit Chan Wk)
Selesai berlari, minum milo 5 cawan & 2 cawan Nescafe panas & makan semangkuk Fitnesse cereal, kita bergambar pula.

When he said "nanti kat KM21 makan gel satu lagi tau" (before we decided to do a half only), I thought "aduhai aduhai betul ke nak lari habis full ni....?" #drama

Met an long-time-no-see friend, Islah, who I first met in year 2000, masa baru kahwin & kerja sama2 kat Technology Park Malaysia.  She did her 10K that day!  Still looking stylish & vogue like before :)

Met with my pacer's childhood friends also, Mazni & Sara.  Such a nice event, where all women runners get to meet.  Ada lagi yang jumpa tapi tak sempat pulak nak bergambar.

Everyone was allowed to take the finisher items they were entitled to (should they finish the whole distance, but obviously most didn't).  I gave my bib for the lucky draw jadi dapat tunjuk bib #PacerWithRotan je lah kat sini.

2 hours 31 minutes.  All in all, a good run.

And a good event.  Met an old friend, made new's always good to be among friends, kan.  Met some #krazirunners Mira, Ejah...but missed quite a few of them, including Lina (and her husband Zaini yang selalunya eveready dengan kamera & we would always have good running shots if he was around).

Would I be running MWM2015?  Hmm.  Maybe :)


Friday, March 7, 2014

"People Against Dirty", By method

A book arrived in the mail last week..

"squeaky green, the method guide to detoxing your home" book by Eric Ryan & Adam Lowry, the 'proud brainparents of method', founders of this awesome home cleaning product range simply known as method.

We think that home cleaning is something natural that we should know about, should be capable of. 
We think that reaching for the normal products that we find in the supermarket & cleaning our home with it & stashing those products under our kitchen sink when we're done...that's just the thing we do.

But a little knowledge goes a long way.  As mentioned in the book:
"Contrary to popular belief, what you don't know can hurt you."
"Because no one knows the long-term effects of most of these chemicals." (which are in those home-cleaning products that we normally buy)

Sorry mom, but the truth hurts...

You don't only find hard facts in this book, but there are lots of handy tips on how you can make your home a healthy & happy one...

Part of the book.  Many, many more tips & information.  And who is still guilty of unplugging those 'suckers'? *diri ini mengangkat tangan secara segan*

In my previous blog entry on method products which I used to clean my living room with, I mentioned that I was out of the method Glass + Surface Cleaner.  Buying it was easy peasy because all I had to do was click here & there at the WMS Marketing Online Shop and wallahh the stuff will arrive via courier in 1 or 2 days.  *Hello. I'm Millie. And I love online shopping..*

And now I present to you the Designated Glass Cleaner of our household, doing his job:

Cermin-cermin ni kalau dibiarkan je, akan berhabuk & nanti tengok muka sendiri pun macam kabur & tak bersemangat...
Mama's mirror to 'check herself out' before going to the kitchen..."why does she need to do that, I have no idea.."

"If you’re under the impression that in order to attain a gleaming, streak-free shine on your glass surfaces ammonia has to be involved, you’re in for a real treat. There’s a green, clean alternative. our new plant-based powergreen™ technology eliminates dirt, dust and pesky handprints—with no streaks or chemical stank. As we’re fond of saying, there’s a time and place for streaking. It just shouldn’t involve your glass."  True to every word.  No more streaks on our mirrors!
"Kenapalah banyak sangat kaca2 kat rumah kita ni...." is what he's probably thinking about.  But hey surprisingly he never complains.  With that fresh mint fragrance the method Glass + Surface Cleaner has, I don't think anybody would complain.  As usual, I look forward to the refreshing scent every time we use this.  Haha...

"This ain't no mouthwash!  Windows & mirrors clearly agree: the invigorating aroma of cool, crisp peppermint accented by a refreshing fusion of eucalyptus leaves & icy wild mint is a breath of fresh air."

And that says it all.  Try it, in order to believe it :)

I personally think that not only mirrors & windows are entitled to such invigorating treatment....any form of glass should be, too.  Hehe.

Does the job well, comes in simple yet sleek packaging, natural ingredients...and amazing fragrance.  Amsyar likes it so much that one day he asked me if he could bring this to his school's gotong-royong / hari membersihkan kelas event.  Errr. :P

You can go over to method Malaysia Facebook page HERE to find more information & current happenings plus discounts *yayy* on products.

Speaking of discounts, there are current promotions going on now...between 20% to 25% off from the normal price! Okay jom klik & beli di SINI sekarang! ;)

I'll write up a review on these in my next method blog entry... :)

In my next method blog entry, I'll be writing about the method products that I use to clean my kitchen with.

"Why eat organic but clean with pesticides?"  Ouch.

Nak tengok dapur rumah teres dua tingkat yang berumur lebih kurang 13 tahun ni?  Not those shiny swanky modern 'subway tiles' kitchen, that's for sure.  *but sigh how I love those subway tiles*

Till then...clean your home in style, with method!

Friday, February 14, 2014

"Let's Keep It Real About Our Bodies" #keepingitreal

Early this morning when the kiddos have gone to school / had breakfast / showered etc and I had like half an hour of breakfast time, I glanced through Facebook and saw some friends sharing a link from Runner's World Facebook page, with this as the main photo:

Lauren Fleshman, details about her HERE (runner, US track champ, marathon PB of 2 hours 37 minutes!)

"Is this another one of those before-after photos?", I asked myself.
And so I clicked on the link that brought me to a blog entry she wrote a few months ago that, according to her, went viral as it was about "revealing the truth about my glamorous runway shots".

That caught my interest...and I'm pretty sure it will catch yours, too.  Here's what she wrote:

Let's Keep It Real About Our Bodies - by Lauren Fleshman

In reference to one of her good runway photos, she wrote:
It showed no evidence of all of my imperfections. That picture was what we all want to feel about ourselves, myself included.

And when she was telling about her workout photos which she uploads on her social media, she wrote:
As I was looking through my photos from practice I caught myself doing my usual thing: “Ugh, skip, delete, my butt looks big in that one, my stomach is pooching out there. Oh there’s a good one!”
(oh aren't we all guilty of this too....nasib la US track champ pun rasa macam tu jugak rupanya...)

Then I went on to read her earlier blog post, the one that went viral.
It was a great, interesting, real-life-story post, probably life-changing wonder it went viral!
Click the title below to read it.  MUST read it... :

Keeping It Real - by Lauren Fleshman

Dah habis baca? 
Did you see how she REALLY looked like, off the runway, no doctored photos, no bronzing effects on the body, no sucking-in-the-tummy...?  Her 'cheesy thighs', as she calls them?

I suck my tummy in all the time.  Like, ALL the time.  When I walk around (when I'm inside & definitely outside the house), when I cook, when I shower (alone!), when I solat, when I sit and type this blog entry.....

What the....?

As Lauren Fleshman wrote:
What the hell is wrong with us? We have this one body we are born with, live inside of, and move through the world in.

So she has challenged us to post an unflattering picture of ourself.  Okayyy macam susah sikit sebab semua unflattering pictures of myself (agak banyak sebenarnya) telahpun saya delete se-delete delete nya. 

Because I've had four babies pop out of me.  I breastfed all of them...the longest was Kaka, I fully breastfed her until she was 2 years 6 months old.  I run frequently & do strength training regularly *ehem ye ke* but I don't have toned dancer-legs.  I'll be 42 years old in 2 months' time so whether I like it or not, age does have an impact on the body.
Jadi mestilah rasa tak best bila tengok gambar diri sendiri yang tak best. :P

But there was this one photo taken last year that was..urmm...well if it was my call, it would not be a photo for public viewing.  Hehe.  But as it was taken by a very nice photographer & I had a rather nice smile in that pic, I did not hide it from my Facebook timeline (it was a tagged picture).

I wore a running skirt that had buttons for you to attach your race bib.  Though I love this skirt but somehow it never fails to make me look 3 months preggy.  No I was not pregnant in this picture.  A friend thought I was wearing a pouch underneath my baju.  Tummy pouch kot :P (photo credit Mr Koko The Running Bear)

The photos of me *in running attire & which are 'approved' for public viewing* usually look like these:

Just because I suck in my tummy all the time...
Just because I look shapely in this photo whilst in real life I have a banana type figure / boyish figure with not so much rampingness.
Just because the pants that I wore in this photo made my legs look lean & long...

After reading Lauren's blog entry...I actually felt ouch insecure-nya saya.  And because I loved her sincerity SO much (I am now part of the gazillions who calls her brave, a hero, etc etc) that I sent that blog link to my husband via whatsapp.

Less than 30 minutes later, The Hubby replied my message saying:
"Yup.  It was a good article full of the truth.  Check out the latest comment in the blog."

(the latest comment at that time)

So I pun scroll down kat blog tu cepat2 nak tengok siapakah omputeh punya komen yang Hubby beriya suruh baca tu.

That comment made my eyes well up with tears.

It was my husband.  He who rarely mentions me especially in the social media, he whom I thought did not notice what I've been doing in the hopes of becoming a better wife & mother, a better runner.

I do always wonder if I'm fat (dah lah frame besar kan).  Dan selalu jugak rasa semua cermin mengejek.  Cellulite?  Of course lah ada kan.

He got a big hug from me, of course.  The best wedding anniversary gift ever (walaupun anniversary tu 2 hari lepas), walaupun bukan actual physical gift pun.

Though I will probably not let myself go & pig out on pizza or pies which I love or nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah hari-hari after this...I would probably try to be less uptight about my body.  And how I look in photos. 
The body that I was born in, bak kata Cik Lauren.



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