Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday *ye ke?* - Random Photos in my Blackberry (that I want to delete but still want to 'store' them somewhere)

Broga Hill trip with family last weekend..will blog about it later.

My long white tunic which always look like h-a-n-t-u thanks to the fan in my room.

Me, in 1973..about to turn 1 year old.

I normally will find the missing ones..but I think this one will go missing forever. *naughty Zuleyka*

Armand with my camera (which if can talk will probably say, "I'm kinda tired taking photos of gift baskets most of the time...")

My ex-college roomie snapped this one day when she was at Pusat PosLaju Cheras. It's been more than a year since hubs left them. *but I still have a soft spot for PosLaju*

The Tank - off duty from Family Car, on duty as AZ Gift Baskets' bulk delivery vehicle.

Tried to find more of these last year...tapi asik jumpa yang untuk letak lilin je, bukan lampu. Sigh.


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