Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Those Last Few Days of 2013....

....were spent doing these:

Two long runs within a week.  One solo 15km on a Sunday...and another 16km on a Christmas-Wednesday.
Ran through places that I've never ran in, in Putrajaya.  And forgetting to bring along some sunblock.
Witnessed my no. 3, the lil rascal named Armand, starting primary school.
Noticed how big the little sister look next to her year-older brother....oh tidaaak. (well actually gambar ni macam nampak Zuleyka TERlalu besar lah pulak).
Realized that we just cannot take the rascal out of Armand.  After the Year 1 orientation day, he dashed off on his own, trying to discover new things about his new school.  Jenuh jugak kita mencari / mengejar.
Did an engagement hantaran for my Delivery Guy.  Yes I am still malas to do gift baskets & hantarans & flower arrangements and such...but Muz has been delivering stuff for AZ Gift Baskets (on a part time basis) for years.  And he did a very good job at it, too.  So I just couldn't say no to him.  He even booked me to do up his wedding hantaran in June 2014 :P
Simple creations by a simple sempoi person.
Bersyukur & gembira sebab tengok Muz happy dengan hasil sentuhan The Boss. (yes he calls me 'Boss').
A split-second Kodak moment that Hubby successfully captured.  Jarang-jarang sangat Izzo & Armand macam ni.  And they apparently felt very brotherly near the peak of Bukit Kutu last Sunday...(note to Hubby: Please observe the barber whenever he is cutting Armand's hair. Habis rambut K-Pop dia).
The lil rascal who was not advised to go up the peak of Bukit Kutu by some veteran hikers.  It was very, very windy on the peak...his small frame could easily be blown away...
Their first hike in months, after The Papa recovered from his broken clavicle from a motocross incident.  Dah lah first time diaorang naik Bukit Kutu, tak join group pulak tu, nasib baik Hubby read a few hiking blogs & managed to not get lost. (disclaimer: I did not go with them..tengok dan upload gambar je hahahahahaaa)
Izzo's first attempt at making capati.  Sedap!  I have a nearly 11-year old who can bake cakes & cookies, make doughnuts, and now he can make capati too.  I feel blessed.  I also feel like a failure as a woman sebab saya kurang berminat nak buat kek biskut bagai...
Loving my coffee-time even more with my new KeepCup.  It took me a loooooong time to realize that I can also enjoy drinking coffee from this nifty reusable cup, at home, using coffee from my french press....and not necessarily being out and about and getting a barista to fill it up.

The last day of 2013 was spent going to Amsyar's Form 1 Orientation Day.  Dengar taklimat, got his books, visited his classroom, checking out where he needs to park his bicycle...and feeling happy that he is looking forward to life in secondary school.  

Made a simple New Year Eve's dinner (padahal bukan lah kita sambut sangat tahun baru ni kan...).  Angel hair pasta aglio olio with shitake mushrooms, my version of mayo-free coleslaw, tempura fish fillet (kedai mari), and some dried shrimp chilli paste sebab I must eat pedas.  Hubby said everything on the plate tasted good. *yayy*
Happy New Year everyone!! 
*bunyi fireworks...throw confetti....tengok TV series kat macbook....lipat kain....mengantuk....terlelap ZZzzZZzzz....*


lina said...

15km & 16km? & you said you weren't doing much! O_O

Where's that? Taman Botani?

looks like a pretty busy last few days of 2013.

Millie, I'm always kagum dengan your kids.

You two sure raised them all good.. :-)

Happy new year.

Piffles said...

happy new year and may it be another one filled with lots and lots of fun, laughter, happiness and adventures! :)

and er, your portion soooooo small! i don't think cukup for me lah. hehe

Amilita Zaini said...

Short runs I kurang Lina...so terpaksa lah kumpul dlm LSD huhu. And after Christmas, no runs or workouts, sampai lah a short 4km pagi tadi.

Yup yang macam taman Morocco tu kat Taman Botani. We usually go there at night for seafood especially with my parents tapi dah lama tak pegi, tak tahu ada Moroccan thingy kat situ.

Aww thanks Lina. Kids are kids...they still drive me up the wall half of the time hehe. Jadi parents ni memang satu proses pembelajaran yang takde hentinya :P

Amilita Zaini said...

Thank you Yvonne and a happy new year to you & hubby...and I love reading about your adventures at Down Under (jealous sikit jugak hehe)!
Portion dinner malam tadi terpaksa sikit...sebab masa lunch I dah makan nasi beriyani :P

lina said...

We used to go to Taman Botani a lot dulu. Human makan seafood but just jalan2 pusing taman. That was once upon a time, pre-jogging days. Heh heh

eezard_vazz said...

Awww what a lovely recap for the few last days of 2013... This reminds me to dust off my running blog after the super laziness hits me till now... New Year, new resolution for me! Keep on inspiring me with your GGS n eat clean food ya Sis Millie!

P/S: would love to hit Bukit Kutu someday... Any useful tips from Abg Nadza? Need to train hard for my trail events soon ;D

Amilita Zaini said...

Aizat, GGS masih minum hari2...cleaneating tu ada hari2 yang I cheat jugak. Somehow I am just not cut out to be like kimberly snyder :P

Bukit Kutu tu...I know he read a lot of blogs of hikers who've went up there. From there he knew where to go, what to avoid and so on :)

lydiarahayumahmod said...

hope one day both my boys can be a hikers like their mom and dad ;-)

Amilita Zaini said...

Thank you for dropping by, Lydia! InsyaAllah your boys ikut jejak langkah mak bapaknya... :)


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