Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Clean Your Home (In Style) With method ....


It's a name of a cleaning supplies product brand (by a San Francisco based corporation) which is nontoxic, biodegradable & natural with a focus on minimalist product design.
*source - Wikipedia

Nontoxic + biodegradable + minimalist product design = exactly what caught my eye when I first bought one of their products, about 2 years ago.

Apparently...that was when method first made it's way to Malaysia!

Okay back to 2 years ago, location - Tesco Kajang.  I was casually strolling past the aisles that displayed the locally-made products.  I don't get much stuff from that section but one product DID catch my eye...

I thought, "waah cantiknya packaging ni!"  I don't think that I've ever found a 'squirt & mop' type of floor cleaner so I was quite drawn to this concept.  The price was slightly higher than the normal floor cleaners that I was used to so I mistakenly thought that this must be one of those Malaysian products that was targeted for the export market (sebab diletak di rak barang-barang buatan tempatan).
Oh method. As a mom who has been separating her household's trash (and sending them over at the recyclables collection center since 2002) had me at "safe for the planet".  Hehe.  Proceeded to put one bottle in my shopping cart.
However, due to very limited range at Tesco, and I kept procrastinating to find out more retailer info for method....that was the only item I used at that time.

Until my friend Lina promoted some method products on her blog, as she just became part of the happy healthy home by method malaysia blogger project.  And somehow I got some vouchers from Lina...and I got really excited to know that I could buy method products ONLINE.  Me, who *formerly* owned an online shop & does quite a bit of shopping online...was doing virtual cartwheels when I knew about this!

I clicked and clicked at WMS Marketing's online shop....and these arrived the next working day:

Then, somehow....I became involved with the happy healthy home by method malaysia blogger project, too :)
*well, it was with Lina's help & recommendation...thank you my dear friend!*

So my first batch of the lovely method products for this project arrived a few weeks ago.
(a delayed 'before cleaning' blog apologies)

When they say it's non-toxic, it sure feels like it...the products smell extremely natural.  And these are household cleaning products, mind you.  And they are tough when they're doing their job.
*this is a true statement dan bukan bertujuan untuk membodek sesiapa* :)

I have started using them...and will blog about them soon ya.
My eldest son Amsyar's favourite.  Because he is the designated "glass cleaner" in this house.
Much needed because we have a lot of wooden furniture.  And I just love their quirky captions!
I wish you guys can smell this...the fragrance is french lavender.  It smells soooo natural. Tak fake & tak menyesakkan hidung langsung.

I hope there won't be more delays in me writing about the results 'after the challenge'.
In the meantime head over to method's Facebook page and click LIKE !

Now off to another mommy duty....jemput anak dari sekolah.


lina said...

Oooo looks like Amsyar's been busy with his chores. Dah banyak guna the glass cleaner tu. :)

Amilita Zaini said...

Skrg lagi dah banyak guna, Lina...sebab meja makan I kaca hehehe

Small Kucing said...

Yup am using this too. Loving it.

Amilita Zaini said...

Thanks for dropping by here SK! I think I read a blog entry of yours using method..thumbs up :)

fatimahAz-Zahra said...

Thanks for sharing K Milie, insyaAllah aja pun nak try..:-)

Amilita Zaini said...

Please try Aja...memang best. Beli online je senang hehe. Nanti K.Millie nak buat blog entry lagi tentang ni..


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