Friday, February 14, 2014

"Let's Keep It Real About Our Bodies" #keepingitreal

Early this morning when the kiddos have gone to school / had breakfast / showered etc and I had like half an hour of breakfast time, I glanced through Facebook and saw some friends sharing a link from Runner's World Facebook page, with this as the main photo:

Lauren Fleshman, details about her HERE (runner, US track champ, marathon PB of 2 hours 37 minutes!)

"Is this another one of those before-after photos?", I asked myself.
And so I clicked on the link that brought me to a blog entry she wrote a few months ago that, according to her, went viral as it was about "revealing the truth about my glamorous runway shots".

That caught my interest...and I'm pretty sure it will catch yours, too.  Here's what she wrote:

Let's Keep It Real About Our Bodies - by Lauren Fleshman

In reference to one of her good runway photos, she wrote:
It showed no evidence of all of my imperfections. That picture was what we all want to feel about ourselves, myself included.

And when she was telling about her workout photos which she uploads on her social media, she wrote:
As I was looking through my photos from practice I caught myself doing my usual thing: “Ugh, skip, delete, my butt looks big in that one, my stomach is pooching out there. Oh there’s a good one!”
(oh aren't we all guilty of this too....nasib la US track champ pun rasa macam tu jugak rupanya...)

Then I went on to read her earlier blog post, the one that went viral.
It was a great, interesting, real-life-story post, probably life-changing wonder it went viral!
Click the title below to read it.  MUST read it... :

Keeping It Real - by Lauren Fleshman

Dah habis baca? 
Did you see how she REALLY looked like, off the runway, no doctored photos, no bronzing effects on the body, no sucking-in-the-tummy...?  Her 'cheesy thighs', as she calls them?

I suck my tummy in all the time.  Like, ALL the time.  When I walk around (when I'm inside & definitely outside the house), when I cook, when I shower (alone!), when I solat, when I sit and type this blog entry.....

What the....?

As Lauren Fleshman wrote:
What the hell is wrong with us? We have this one body we are born with, live inside of, and move through the world in.

So she has challenged us to post an unflattering picture of ourself.  Okayyy macam susah sikit sebab semua unflattering pictures of myself (agak banyak sebenarnya) telahpun saya delete se-delete delete nya. 

Because I've had four babies pop out of me.  I breastfed all of them...the longest was Kaka, I fully breastfed her until she was 2 years 6 months old.  I run frequently & do strength training regularly *ehem ye ke* but I don't have toned dancer-legs.  I'll be 42 years old in 2 months' time so whether I like it or not, age does have an impact on the body.
Jadi mestilah rasa tak best bila tengok gambar diri sendiri yang tak best. :P

But there was this one photo taken last year that was..urmm...well if it was my call, it would not be a photo for public viewing.  Hehe.  But as it was taken by a very nice photographer & I had a rather nice smile in that pic, I did not hide it from my Facebook timeline (it was a tagged picture).

I wore a running skirt that had buttons for you to attach your race bib.  Though I love this skirt but somehow it never fails to make me look 3 months preggy.  No I was not pregnant in this picture.  A friend thought I was wearing a pouch underneath my baju.  Tummy pouch kot :P (photo credit Mr Koko The Running Bear)

The photos of me *in running attire & which are 'approved' for public viewing* usually look like these:

Just because I suck in my tummy all the time...
Just because I look shapely in this photo whilst in real life I have a banana type figure / boyish figure with not so much rampingness.
Just because the pants that I wore in this photo made my legs look lean & long...

After reading Lauren's blog entry...I actually felt ouch insecure-nya saya.  And because I loved her sincerity SO much (I am now part of the gazillions who calls her brave, a hero, etc etc) that I sent that blog link to my husband via whatsapp.

Less than 30 minutes later, The Hubby replied my message saying:
"Yup.  It was a good article full of the truth.  Check out the latest comment in the blog."

(the latest comment at that time)

So I pun scroll down kat blog tu cepat2 nak tengok siapakah omputeh punya komen yang Hubby beriya suruh baca tu.

That comment made my eyes well up with tears.

It was my husband.  He who rarely mentions me especially in the social media, he whom I thought did not notice what I've been doing in the hopes of becoming a better wife & mother, a better runner.

I do always wonder if I'm fat (dah lah frame besar kan).  Dan selalu jugak rasa semua cermin mengejek.  Cellulite?  Of course lah ada kan.

He got a big hug from me, of course.  The best wedding anniversary gift ever (walaupun anniversary tu 2 hari lepas), walaupun bukan actual physical gift pun.

Though I will probably not let myself go & pig out on pizza or pies which I love or nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah hari-hari after this...I would probably try to be less uptight about my body.  And how I look in photos. 
The body that I was born in, bak kata Cik Lauren.



lina said...

Oh my! What a priceless comment!


Amilita Zaini said...

Heheheheeee...thanks Lina. Some of my girlfriends are gushing awww sweetnya Nadza etc etc :P :P P

mimie1678 said...

Ur husband sangat betul!! You ada body yg sangat cuns la kak millie... and for ur age mmg awesome sgt!! Mimie dah kurangkan tgk cermin sbb insecure tu la.. hahaha... tapi tetap bersyukur kerana cukup sifat alhamdullilah.. and for me to wakeup from my melantak-no-workout time pun dah syukur jugak..
But as u can see... my pic in fb semua kategori ada.. yg selebet yg berpeluh yg muka kelakar... hahahaha...

mimie1678 said...

Arghhh... dah komen panjang2 abih tu tak keluar pulakkkk...
U look good for ur age kak!! No worries okay... btw, u actually look younger!!

Unknown said...


Amilita Zaini said...

Mimie..dapat2 komen2 ni, sebab I enable kan comment moderation.
Anyway thanks hehe tapi kan you have achieved SO much yourself. Usaha tangga kejayaan & keep it up!!
Bila kita dah biasa workout, mana kisah berpeluh ke apa dalam gambar kan? Haha..

pugs said...

Millie, I think you have nothing to worry about lah! You look great! I admire your drive & stamina actually - juggling duties as a wife, homemaker, mom and finding time for a side business and running in between. I would be grateful if I have even half of your energy (& I'm 2 years your junior)! I agree it gets harder to maintain the figure the older we get but I'm also finding that I don't mind a bit of flab (or in my case, LOADS) here & there as long as I get to enjoy good food as always. Like I always tell people: Would you rather have me fat but happy or skinny but cranky? LOL!

Amilita Zaini said...

Hi Pugs!!
Thank you dear...betul3 sekarang ni memang susah nak 'maintain' badan. I find that I have to double (or triple?) the effort now compared to before. I still enjoy good food, because I have been a foodie dari dulu lagi tapi tak dapat dinafikan jenis & portion makanan TERpaksa jaga jugak :(
Oh and my business is still in the backseat for a year now. Extended sabbatical katanya :P

@nannoor said...

u always look great kak millie!!
lagi gorjes dr yg lebih muda dari u *cough*me*

love abg nadza's comment. setuju sangat :))

Amilita Zaini said...

Aww thank you Nannoor *muahs*
But, seriously, all these while when I look at pics of athletes la dgn toned abs etc, I tak pernah sangka yang adakalanya diaorang pun perlu 'tahan nafas' macam I hahaha...

Mom on the run said...

Seen d article first from runners world...stumbled upon ur blog last yr when i was googling solat subuh for the SCKLM..then my fren mentioned to visit ur blog...then i realise oo its this akak...u are pretty, dats wat i thought of when i first stumbled upon ur blog..u dont need to hv anything dat u shud b insecure of...u have avery supportive husband, which i am so jeles of million doing my first marathon in d upcoming mwm... N it was only approved by my husband after he missed our anniversary...

Anyways, u hv so much to b grateful of. I have to fight for very basic things like signing up for a full marathon..just think u shud know that...cheers

Amilita Zaini said...

Hi Mom On The Run! ( Ina..?)

Thank you for dropping by here. Oh my first marathon was also during MWM (last year). Actually kan during training for that I had a few injuries, both mental & physical...and from that point my husband wasn't as 'involved' in listening to my running stories as he was before. Sebab tu lah I terkojot tengok dia tulis komen mcm tu hehe

Anyway, I just read a few of your running posts and girl you are fast. I tak tahu boleh match your HM PB ke tidak! Well done. I'm sure you'll do great during MWM next month.

Kalau ternampak kakak ni kat mana2, tegur2 lah ye. Ahkak ni kdg2 jalan menonong je tak perasan kat org lain..hehe

Julin Julai said...

Millie! I never even noticed your kononnya mummy tummy in the first pic.
I just noticed on what a pretty person you are and nampak sgt2 muda
Be easy on yourself.
And slalu ingat, your children think you're the most beautiful person on earth .
To me, that's all that matters.

Amilita Zaini said...

Aww Julin...senyum jadikan kita nampak muda sikit kot ;)
Yes I think I am hard on myself sometimes. Thank you for reminding me to take it easy. You're right, family's opinions matter most! :)

Oh bila next race you ye?

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Aww sweetnye husband akak. Yeah, you have a fit and nice body dah, especially for ur age! But I guess we all have some insecurities about our body, me included. The post by the runner was really inspiring and here is to #keepitreal! :)

Mom on the run said...

Kak Mili, I know u had your first in MWM, then u had ur second in the river jungle kan? (read it when i was googling about the where to solat thing la...farnee)

I think u can even frame his very sweet of him

Anyways, yeah, hope to bump into u too, maybe I'm one of those silent pacer, being a solo runner that I am...but air in shah alam is not too good lately, hope it'll get better by then

Amilita Zaini said...

Ayuni, memang kita tak terlepas dari insecurities sebegini kan? Level insecurity tu..lain orang lain level pulak tu. :P

Ina Mom on the Run,
With your past performance, you'll be one of those solo runners who will be ahead of me. Hope to bump into you too!

Haliza Ghazalli said...

Salam ziarah...reading your blog motivate me to start back my workout & conscious of my figure...
Compliments to your beautiful you!

Amilita Zaini said...

Salam Leeza, thank you for dropping by! We constantly need motivation, kan? Be it family or friends. Itupun ada masa2 down jugak... ;)


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