Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Once You Go method...

...your question on "hmm what to buy to shine those wooden furniture / clean those icky stains /  mop the living room floor with" are all answered. *hoping this would rhyme with the blog entry title*

(If you're feeling slightly confused about where this blog entry is heading to...take a quick glance at my earlier entry on method products HERE)

Or read on and probably you will be getting a discount voucher for method products ;)

I live in a 24' x 75' terrace house (since nearly 14 years ago I think...?) so it's a not-new-not-swanky-modern-designed kinda house.  For example, my living room floor is broken marble...not so trendy looking lah if compared to the new types of ceramic tiles that you may see in the newer homes nowadays.

Our living room did not go through any extension of any kind, so it's still the cozy (well, to me lah hehe) sized living room that we have since Hubby & me were parents of a 6-month old baby back in 2001, when we first moved in here.

The good thing about having OCD traits is that my living room appears somewhat neat (note the 'somewhat') most of the time...and particularly when I'm at home.  Trouble starts when The HouseKeeper a.k.a The Mama a.k.a Me goes out & leaves the home in the care of The Papa. #eh #oops :P

Now we are parents to a 13 year old, 11 year old, 7 year old...and nearly-6 year old.
Two adults & 4 kids in da house.
This means The Mama needs to keep the house clean.  Preferably with natural cleaning products.  Because we don't want kids to stumble upon things with terrible chemicals in them....

Okay back to the living room.
Old broken marble or not...floors must be cleaned occasionally, no?  Yes, of course.
Having kids who roll around in the house in times of crankiness & happiness...oh yes the more reason for swishing the mop frequently.

Though I rarely, rarely polish my floors, mopping them at least twice a week is a must.  The small living room which adjoins the dining room is a blessing...because, if I have a big area downstairs, mopping would be something I dread! Well, it was still something I dread.....

...until I found method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner!

"method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner"...the name of the product says it all.  Tak perlu instructions lagi dah.
Usually my second child, Izzo the 11-year old, is the one who likes to help me with the mopping but sometimes my eldest boy helps me with this, too.  We decided to do without a live-in maid for nearly 4 years now so I find that any form of help from the kids are extremely useful.  And I think it's very important for my kids to know the basics of what to do around the house...

The then 6-month old baby helping his Mama.  Senang je. Squirt. Mop. Done. Can relax.

Notice how nifty method's Squirt + Mop packaging is?  How even a 13 year old boy can easily hold it (while his other hand is occupied some more...?).
Compare this with the usual 1.5kg or even 2kg of floor cleaner that we usually see or get - you would need to:
1) Take it down from the shelf in the supermarket
2) Lug it in your car
3) Take it out when you reach home
4) Pour the cleaning liquid into the bottle cap
5) Pour it into the mopping pail
6) (Oh you need to fill the pail with water first......)

Wah type itu je pun dah penat.  How long can a mopping process be?  No wonder I sometimes dread it.

And remember how we always read that when we use the conventional way of mopping (with the water & pail & all), the action of dunking the mop in & out of the pail and mopping the floor & repeating that process just us 'pushing' dirty water on our floor.

Now that is definitely NOT good.

With method's Squirt + just squirt & mop.  No need to dunk mop in a pail of not-so-clean water.
(you may rinse the mop in between the mopping certain 'floor sections' as I always do...if it makes you feel better...okay enough with the OCD traits Millie)

It contains no wax, it's non-toxic & it's biodegradable.  When you enlist the help of your kids for this kind of work, as a parent you surely wouldn't want them to be fiddling around with things laden with chemicals and artificial fragrances (method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner has a light lemon & ginger HERE for more details on this snazzy floor cleaner).

The bonus is when Hubby notices how smooth & clean the floor feels.  So...mopping is not so terrible after all huh terutamanya bila Encik Suami puji :)

And because there is quite a number of wooden furniture in my living room (mostly dark coloured pulak tu hmm I wonder why), it was a blessing that I received method's Wood for Good Polish that, true to what it says, really conditions & revitalizes my furniture!  Serious tau.
(and it's non-toxic & plant-based properties are such a match with my 'plant-based' furniture)

"Rich.  Nutty.  Good with chocolate."

Can you guess the fragrance already?  Macadamia?  No, but close.  Willy Wonka?  Well, I don't know how that chocolate factory owner smells like....
This wooden furniture polish smells like almond.  Like real, sweet, almond oil...not those overpowering almond-wannabe smell.

The soft almond-y fragrance from the Wood for Good Polish does make cleaning much, much more pleasant.

A scratchy old coffee table doesn't mean it should be neglected!  A nice regular sheen is all it needs...
My apologies for the quality of this photo that just doesn't do justice to what you should be seeing in real life.  Photo on the right is after I used the Wood for Good Polish...I wish you could see the sheen properly & smell the pleasant fragrance!
Click HERE for more details on method's Wood for Good Polish.  How I love non-aerosol packaging for wooden furniture polish.

Oh and there's another cleaning product from method that I absolutely love love love.  Not only for the living room...but for other areas of the home as well.

The method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner.  I have one in french lavender fragrance (nope the fragrance is not overpowering at all...just pleasant to your nose, I assure you).

"This enchanting medley of lavender, bergamot, purple sage + chamomile is like a brief respite to the French countryside."  Don't we mommies need a bit of escapism?  It also comes in Cucumber & Pink Grapefruit. I've bought the one in Cucumber and err I'm getting another one really, really soon (self-explanatory on How Much Millie Loves This) 

It say 'all surface cleaner' I used it to clean the icky switches & the grime on the walls surrounding them.  We have 6 people in this house, 4 of them are minors who have yet to understand the meaning of cleanliness & neatness & how the violation of these two could easily drive The Mama crazy.
So imagine how many times those switches gets touched...which explains the stains.  Again, euwww....
(I'm trying hard not to think about the 'non-visible stains'....)

"Its cleaners, derived from corn + coconut, break down dirt naturally, so every spray leaves nothing behind but a fresh scent + gleaming clean. Knock out dirt with the power of plants."

Yayyy to the cutting-edge Powergreen Technology! (only by method)
Click HERE to know how much power this cleaning solution has to offer in every spray...

Confession: Much earlier on I purchased one in cucumber, and I must say that the clean cucumber fragrance is love at first scent for me.  Sometimes, I had to restrain myself from squirting more & more of it...just because I wanted to sniff the cucumber scent.

My unbiased opinion(s) after using the above products from method for my comel-sized living room:

1) True to what most will say, good products do not come cheap.  Though method products are priced slightly higher than the other household cleaning brands, it is not ridiculously over-priced, definitely not, and commensurate with the Powergreen Technology that you would never find in any other brands.

2) Don't be fooled by the subtle fragrance & liquid-y appearance of it's cleaners...they really clean well.  Really, really well!  And I've been cleaning my home for yearssssss so I know one good cleaning product from another.

3)  When you have 4 kids & in your early-forties like me, you WILL need help from your kids from time to time.  And I just don't feel good letting them use stuff with lots of chemicals.  If one could buy nice bags & clothes for oneself...why can't one spend a few extra ringgit to get products that everyone in the home can use.  The home is for them to live in, too.

4)  I particularly LOVE the quirky quotes & captions method has for all their products.  I think it makes everything! From the moment I purchase them (we do read the labels...especially for things we need to pay for, right mommies? :P) to the time when I use them.
Who says everything has to be so serious, anyway?  Thank you method, for putting back the fun of cleaning our home for our family!
Confession: I read those fun captions quite regularly.  They are my picker-uppers sometimes.

5)  I will never glance at any other brands again when going through the cleaning product aisle in supermarkets...hehe.

As I type this....I just realized I ran out of method Glass + Surface Cleaner.  Mayday, mayday!  But wait, I can still use the method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner untuk bersihkan kaca, kalau terdesak.  Nama pun 'all purpose' kan?  Penyelamat.

Before I hop over to WMS's Marketing online shop...I'd like my dear readers to experience some of method items, too.  method Malaysia has been kind enough to provide me with some discount vouchers for you to use when you purchase method products! 

(That's how I started you using vouchers given away by my friend Lina...and I was a good way lah...)

What are the discounts like?
It's a discount of RM10 & free delivery (T&C applies) for 10 readers.  The codes are valid until end of March 2014.

How would you qualify for free or not-free delivery?
1) A minimum postage charge of RM10 is required for purchases valued at less than RM20 (after all deductions & discounts) – West Malaysia  
2) A minimum postage charge of RM15 is required for purchases valued at less than RM40 (after all deductions & discounts) – East Malaysia
How much would you pay in the end?
When a reader buys 1 bathroom cleaner @ RM14.80 + 1 body wash @ 18.80 + 1 toilet bowl cleaner @ RM18.80
Total purchases valued at RM52.40
Minus off the discount of RM10, total payable amount will be RM42.40 (with free delivery)

Another example:
When a reader buys 1 gel hand wash @ RM13.80
Total purchase valued at RM13.80
Minus off the discount of RM10, total payable amount is RM3.8. 
Have to add postage charge of RM10 (West Msia) or RM15 (East Msia)
So final total is RM13.80 (West Msia) or RM18.80 (East Msia)

Boleh tahan jugak tau...pendapat ikhlas dari saya seorang pembeli produk method.  Tunggu je courier guy deliver, tak payah drive pegi kedai beli.  Easy peasy!

HOW to get those discounts...?
I'll give 4 discount codes to the first 4 commenters who indicated they want it here in my blog.
I'll give 2 discount codes to first 2 comments from insta-friends who want it over on my Instagram.
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First come first serve ya.
If you comment here, mention it on FB and also twitter; and if there's more than 10 commenters/friends/followers who want it, you'll only get one (1) code.  I hope that's fair...? 
Sorang dapat satu code lah kiranya :)

Offer for these codes ends by midnight 19th February!  And you'll get the voucher code soon after.
You can use it for online purchase at WMS Marketing HERE, before 31st March 2014.

The 7-year old seen here chillaxing in the living room...ewah.  Betapa leganya hati seorang ibu bila rumah bukan hanya kemas tapi bersih & bebas dari segala habuk, kekotoran, daki.... #eh

Remember, clean your home in style....with method.


rashidah sibaweh said...

Millie..count me in. nak order!

Small Kucing said...

What a wonderful home you have there. Yes am using method products too. It's pretty good

[SK] said...

i love METHOD products!! the very chic packaging, the refreshing scent they left behind after the cleaning, they really make the cleaning almost effortless.. awesome!!!

Amilita Zaini said...

Yeayy Shidah! Dah PM kat FB dah :D
Thanks for reading this!

Amilita Zaini said...

I've been reading a few of your posts, Small Kucing! It's good, isn't it? I seriously don't think I can want to use other brands now..hehe

Anonymous said...

I want! Please!


Amilita Zaini said...

Hello SK thanks for reading this entry...I LOVE method too! Yes from the packaging, the scent...everything is just spot on. Awesome indeed!!

Amilita Zaini said...

Okay May! Nanti I email ya. Ee bestnya bestnya I pun seronok sebab I pun nak beli lagi jugak ni haha..

Nurul Ain said...

i nak order la kak millie.

memang tengah cari marble cleaner

Amilita Zaini said...

Okay Ain..! Nanti I email kat Ain punya work email creativelydesigned tu boleh?

Twilight Man said...

Hello Soho Mama! Greetings from Twilight Man. I hopped over after smelling the Method's fragrance from your blog! Mana tau it's from your clean house. I sokong this brand and now a confirmed Method addict. I have been buying their bottles from supermarkets and finally purchased them online. So easy to click & buy from office on Monday and I received the package this morning!

I have phobia with the chemicals contained in many brands until some kind bloggers shared the goodness of Method. It is very kind to my hands and skin.

Liza Sahidun said...

Mili, liza nak jugak.....

lina said...

Rajinnya you!

Rajinnya your kids!

Your post made me wanna do some housework pulak la. But of course takkan jadi seberkilat yours. ;)

I sukaaaaaa method products. Being able to know the brand is such a blessing. Yup, it is a tad pricier than other brands out there, but it's totally worth it kan?

And love, love the scent too.

p.s. saya kena order laundry detergent. Zaini aka the laundry master dah remind suruh beli sabun. HAHAHA

Next discount giveaway (bulan bape eh?), I chop satuuuu! hehehe

Amilita Zaini said...

Hi Twilight Man (very popular name I always see on Lina's blog hehe) thank you for dropping by here!
I too hate those household cleaning products which smells overpowering you know there's so much chemicals in there. Now honestly I don't think I can never go back to those brands anymore! With method it's so effortless...and classy haha...
And I love how we can just shop for them online :)

Amilita Zaini said...

Liza, terima kasih sebab baca ni :)
Nanti I PM kat Facebook ya? Yeayy all 4 codes offered here under the blog section dah habis kwn2 mintak :D

Amilita Zaini said...

Lina, it is SO worth it. Kat sini pulak, Amsyar who's incharge of wiping the glass dining table yang selalu ingatkan nak beli glass cleaner. Ada sekali tu dia ada gotong royong bersihkan kelas pastu dia nak bwk method glass cleaner nak lap tingkap! I sayang sgt cleaner tu so err I tak bagi dia bawak hahaha...
Thanks for 'promoting' this entry to your blogger friends. So kind of them to hop over here :)

Noni Farida said...

Millie.. !! Am I too late? I pon nak try method nih..... errr... I need to mention it on fb n tweeter too??

Amilita Zaini said...

Noni...! Check whatsapp check whatsapp now :P

Al Rayyan Ventures Sdn Bhd said...

kak millie, ada lagi tak. nak jugak!

Amilita Zaini said...

Fathin...nanti I PM kat FB atau whatsapp ya!

AlohaMolly said...

wow..big response..anymore vouchers to go round?

Amilita Zaini said...

Hi there AlohaMolly thanks for dropping by! All vouchers have been taken up as of this morning. Wait for the next round ya... :)


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