Thursday, March 20, 2014

Malaysia Women Marathon 2014...Challenges And All...

It was a race that I was hesitant to sign up, surprisingly so because my first full marathon was during the same race last year....and me & the Krazirunners were more than excited for this year's edition.

But apparently the excitement didn't last long.

Due to family commitments & planning / other race commitments / injury / other matters....most of my running sistas opted not to join this time around.  Ala sangat berbeza lah dengan suasana tahun lepas yang amat seronok.

And I was thinking:
1) Nak masuk full jugak ke? Mesti lah kot, anniversary tu.
2) Nak lari dengan pacer jugak ke?  Bila nak lari sorang-sorang ni?
3) Route Shah Alam tu banyak naik turun, sanggup kah?

But I signed up anyway, one day before the early bird deadline :P
And I trained, maybe not as diligent as my first full marathon last year, tapi buat jugak lah short / tempo / fartlek / long runs...and that dreaded 30km run yang melengkapkan Syarat-syarat Training Full Marathon.
I even did a 10km run (and walked also la of course) up Kem Lolo at Nuang, a week before the race.
*okay lah maybe this is not so gempak lah :P *

But then the on & off haze became really bad during the week of the race.  And my husband had to go to Jakarta for work, again.  So no running or exercise at all for me that final week sebab macam extra letih dengan house chores & layan kerenah anak-anak.  And I actually believed that MWM2014 on 16th March 2014 would be cancelled due to the haze. *kenapa entah terasa lega pun ada hahah*

AND because I did not jenguk my favourite running shoe for like a week...I just noticed the right shoe tip had a sompek. *nasib baik cobbler boleh tampal, RM5 saja*
AND because the wind blew away the smog a day before the race, the organizer announced "yes ladies it's all systems go for tomorrow!"

This photo does not show the severity of sompek on the shoe.

Alamak.  Jadi pulak nak lari 42km esok?  I had to psyche myself up that my youngest daughter always say, "Laats dudis!!" (translation: "Let's do this!")

Psyched!  Pumped!  Excited! (especially after chatting away dengan kawan2 Krazirunners kat whatsapp).  Laats dudis!!

And so there I was driving along Federal Highway at about 3.15am Sunday morning, looking for the exit nearest to the race venue when suddenly....I noticed that the haze is back.  Complete with the smell of something burning.


During my search for the porta-loo during my compulsary-toilet-visit-before-running, I saw Ina (Being Mom on The Run) and quickly we greeted each other.  First time jumpa tapi recently I began reading her blog...and boy she's one fast lady!
True enough, during the run, she inched away further and further ahead of me...until I lost sight of her completely.  (I really need to work on my walking breaks) #excuses

However, a few minutes before the full marathon category was flagged off at 4.45am, the race director made an announcement that MWM 2014 was to be a non-competitive run instead.  If we think that we couldn't take the smog, we could turn back whenever we wanted to.  There would be no winners, no ranking.  It was us to decide how far we wanted to run.

And at that point my pacer & I still had 42km in our minds.  Wahh.  #ambitiousnyaaa

Start je lari, my friend May Cheong caught up with me & said she'll be running a few km only also & turn back.  I think the last time I met her was during race pack collection MWM2013...huh setahun?  Sigh.

Around KM13, I think, I began to feel slight chest pains.  Aduh tak pernah pulak rasa macam ni masa berlari.  It was the haze lah apa lagi.  #degillaginaklari
I was hoping the route I was on would end at KM21, which it was of course since full marathon runners kena lari one more loop of the same route to complete a 42K.

Around KM15 I was already thinking to myself "Oh mannnnn I don't know if I could repeat this loop all over again!"  Tapi masa tu takut nak cakap kat Pacer.

And so sebab jerebu & memang tak larat nak lari lagi, I decided to end the journey at half marathon distance. Terus terlaju sikit bila dah buat keputusan tu.

Muka happy sebab yeayyy 21km pun jadi lah!!! (Photo credit Enaikay)

Then I met another Krazirunners sista ,Nannoor.  She registered for the 10km category but looking at the bad haze, she decided to join the 5km fun run instead (hari tu macam sesuka hati sukasuki je semua nak lari berapa! Hehe).  I didn't expect her to say, "Jom Kak Millie, teman i lari!".  Kak Millie yang masih adrenalin rush gitu tiba-tiba kata "Okay!"

Dah lama tak run dengan Nannoor.  I still miss the days when we ran our 10K's...which were a very big deal to us back then. (Photo credit Run & Explore)

But we cut it short to 3km instead sebab my calf macam ada 'tangkap' sikit & the haze was really quite bad.  Kesian si ibu mengandung.

Very very nice shot of the preggy runner :) .  Nasib baik non-competitve run.  Kalau tak mesti disqualified sebab bib full marathon tapi lari half marathon & lepas finish line lari fun run pulak...(Photo credit Chan Wk)
Selesai berlari, minum milo 5 cawan & 2 cawan Nescafe panas & makan semangkuk Fitnesse cereal, kita bergambar pula.
Met an long-time-no-see friend, Islah, who I first met in year 2000, masa baru kahwin & kerja sama2 kat Technology Park Malaysia.  She did her 10K that day!  Still looking stylish & vogue like before :)

Such a nice event, where all women runners get to meet.  Ada lagi yang jumpa tapi tak sempat pulak nak bergambar.

2 hours 31 minutes.  All in all, a good run.

And a good event.  Met an old friend, made new's always good to be among friends, kan.  Met some #krazirunners Mira, Ejah...but missed quite a few of them, including Lina (and her husband Zaini yang selalunya eveready dengan kamera & we would always have good running shots if he was around).

Would I be running MWM2015?  Hmm.  Maybe :)



ummisara said...


*thumbs up!*

lina said...

Dasat timing 21k in haze #respectgiler :-)

Bena said...

Congrats kak Milli, nice timing there, kalo weather ok mesti lg cunnzz, siap join nannor lagi pastu

Amilita Zaini said...

Thank you Ummisara!

Lina, thank you but it was still hard work huhu #drama

Hi Bena, thank you...patutnya I decide dari awal2 lagi utk buat 21km, boleh I target PB terus kan? Haih. :P

RaYzeef said...

congrats. beautiful event. so many strong women runners that day. too bad weather was horrible.

Amilita Zaini said...

Thanks Ray! Yes it was a beautiful event. Kalau takde haze memang it would be prettier & gerenti the talk of the marathon town :)

ejah_shar said...

haha chumils sangat. sume gambar cantik2 lelagi yg ada mak yong yg glamz tuh.

#jomlaritenkei :)

Amilita Zaini said...

Haha... Ejah! #jomlaritenkei
Rindu pulak zaman tenkei kan. Tapi skrg ni tenkei mesti masing2 berdesup nak PB yg melampau hahaha :P

Has said...

iye, x sempat nk jumpa kakMillie hr tu

Mummy Dina said...

salute setakat 5km je pun dah semput2..itu pun 10 thn yg lepas kot kalau skarang lagi la haru..hehe


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